December 6, 2009

First Blogarific Thoughts

Hey, friends -- Max here. Welcome to the cineblog!

Here's the deal. I'm not gonna tiptoe around the reasons for wanting to do this blog. I love movies. Like, I lerve them. And not just watching them, but thinking and talking about them. Specifically with people. And I've been blogging about them for a couple of years now, mostly just reviews, recording my thoughts about them for some sort of archival purpose, never really sure why, only knowing I wanted to remember what I liked or didn't like about movies. It's proved really interesting to go back and compare notes when I see a movie a second time.

And I guess that's where it came to it: I wanted to involve my friends and family in a way in talking about movies, in talking about those experiences we have, those emotions we feel watching a movie. So I thought I'd make a fresh start on a new blog.

What strikes me when I watch a movie? What strikes you? What is it about a performance or a shot or an ending or a beginning or a moment that makes you pause, think, feel? These are conversations that aren't as much fun to have alone. But getting a movie club together has always seemed difficult and at best sporadic (not to say I wouldn't love company on these cineventures), and maybe an online conversation, an open forum without time constraints, will create a better, more exciting dialogue. Welcome to the 21st century, y'all.

So what qualifies me to talk about movies on this cineblog? Umm. It's the new millenium. I have a computer, and I see a lot of movies. Done deal. Done-zo.

And then: to find a cinegoal, and go from cine-there.

The first challenge: blog my way through the AFI Top 100.

The American Film Institute came out with a list of the 100 greatest American films in 1998, and then updated the list in 2007 for the tenth anniversary of the list (the one I'll use). At the beginning of the new year, I'll start with #100 and work my way through. It's a big goal, but it's something I'm ready for, and with your help and insight and enthusiasm, it'll be a lot more fun. Here's hoping y'all will be excited about it too!

So, in short: I watch movies. I blog. You comment on the blog. I blog back. We dialogue. Maybe we even diablogue. (You heard it here first. Well, maybe.) And that's all there is to it, kidlins. Sounds fun, n'est-pas?

Before the new year, I'll blog briefly about the criteria used for creating the list, so we can all get on the same page. And then: movies!

Until then, friends,


  1. Congrats my friend on your new endeavor! If you ever need viewing company, give me a call (I've been SLOWLY working my way through the list - as in so slowly I normally only work on it in the dead of winter when there is nothing else I can fathom doing....its sad, I know!) Enjoy - I'll attempt to diablogue whenever possible! ~ Jen

  2. This summer I had planned to watch the entire AFI top 100, but the fact of the matter is I don't watch many movies...ever. so, I guess I'll just "watch" them vicariously through your blog posts! Such a good idea.